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XMYG1000 hydraulic membrane filter press machine

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XMYG1000 hydraulic membrane filter press machine

Hydraulic membrane filter press machine is widely used for solid-liquid separation processing,it has the low pressure filter, high pressure squeezing,more filtrate,drier filter cake.

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Product Introduction

Features of hydraulic membrane filter press machine:
1, Secondary pressing, the squeezing pressure can be 0.8Mpa, have a 5% -10% drier filter cake than chamber filter press.
2, In the late stages of filtration, using diaphragm squeezing function to do secondary pressing directly, leading to complete this cycle in a short time, save the power consumption, and can greatly shorten the cycle of the whole filtration process.
3, The moisture content of filter cake can be reduced greatly, save drying cost and improve the yield.
4, Automatic functions of membrane filter press machine includes automatic compress the plates, automatic pressure keeping.
5, Manual pull the plate, simple operation, energy saving, saving running cost.
6, The main material of frame is carbon steel:Q235, beams with rectangular tube seamless welding, special frame deformation, strong and durable.
7, Filter plates of membrane filter press machine do not contain other filler. not recycled material, high strength, light weight, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali, non-toxic and tasteless.
Details of hydraulic membrane filter press machine:
隔膜压滤机细节1 600.jpg
隔膜压滤机细节2 600.jpg
Working principle of hydraulic membrane filter press machine:
Application of hydraulic membrane filter press machine:
隔膜压滤机细节2 600.jpg


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