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Automatic membrane filter press machine

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Automatic membrane filter press machine

Membrane filter press has good corrosion resistance and easy maintenance, safe and reliable and so on. It is widely application on metallurgy, coal, paper, coking, pharmaceutical, food, brewing, chemical and other industrial.

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Product Introduction

 Features of automatic membrane filter press machine:
1, Short duty cycle, high efficiency: The filter press significantly shorten the operation time. in the filter late,Common filter filtration efficiency is very low, this machine features a diaphragm press, with a very short period of time to complete this process and efficiency greatly improved.
2, Low power consumption: 
Diaphragm compression function, can complete this process in a very short time , saving power consumption.
3, Enhance the mud biscuits, cake with reduced rates:
The diaphragm press will conduct the secondary crushing after static filtering,so,can rearrange the structure of the filter cake, increase the density, replacet part of the water to improve the dry degrees.
4,high-pressure extrusion: 
TPE elastomer, the filter plate with good quality, and can reach a maximum pressure filter 25 MPA, the moisture content is greatly reduced, saving drying costs and increasing production.
5, Simple operation,low operating costs: 
Fully automated programmable. This membrane filter press can be left unattended, saving operating costs.
6, Wide application: 
Corrosion resistance, it can be used for all solid-liquid separation.
8, Automated cloth washing system
Using the washing equipment, several actions matches with the car plate moves in sync. Cleaning cycle can be set based on needs(can be adjusted on site).
The details of automatic membrane filter press machine:
Application of membrane of filter press
Automatic membrane filter press machine is widely used on various projects which need solid-liquid separation, typical application scope as follows: 
1, Chemical industry:
Coating, paint, silica, caustic soda, soda ash, alkali, salt mud (aluminum, aluminum polymerization acetylacetonate, gypsum, insurance, phosphor) etc.2, Food industry:
Vegetable oil, starch sugar, plant sweet, maltose, starch, maize, seaweed, kara glue, oral liquid, beer yeast, rice wine, white wine, fruit juice, beverage, plant protein etc.
3, Sewage treatment
Printing and dyeing wastewater, sewage, smelting, leather, pharmacy sewage water brew, electroplating wastewater, sewage and waste, chemical electrolysis of water environment etc.
4, Pharmacy industry:
Phytic acid, calcium, Chinese traditional medicine, saccharification, growth hormone, organophosphate etc.
6, Metallurgy, coal industry:
Gold, silver, copper, zinc ore mineral powder, etc
7, Other solid liquid separation industries.

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