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Sludge Dewatering Filter Press Machine

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Sludge Dewatering Filter Press Machine

Specification: Capacity: 45kg-375kg/hr Materials: It depends on the raw materials produced ranges 63%-84.5%. Applications: Used in wastewater treatment engineering including papermaking, printing and dyeing wastewater, electroplating w

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Product Introduction

This sludge filter press/belt filter press can continuously treat a large amount of sludge, which is made of high strength material, it has the features of big capacity, high efficiency dehydration, long service life and other characteristics, widely used in various industries.
Lower consumption: power requirement and greenhouse gas emissions, even including washwater booster pumps, are typically 20% ~30% of a centrifuge or other sludge dewatering unit .
Advantage of sludge filter press machine:
1, it is a integration equipment, automatic control, continuous operation;
2, low power consumption, long service life;
3, high concentration dehydration efficiency and high solid content of mud cake;
4, Easy management, easy maintenance;
5, low noise, economic and reliable, with wide range of application.
Details of sludge filter press machine:

Features of sludge filter press machine:
1, Fully automatic, it can run continuously around the clock, high efficiency with large treatment capacity, save labor.
2, Excellent performance with very small footprint.
3, Dewatering happens in several zone one by one with high dewatering efficiency, sludge cake moisture content is much low.
4, Set up a rake-type feeder on feeding department, the material evenly distributed in the filter with the effective filter width, not partial mud, no bias, to ensure better filtration, while also extending the service life of the filter belt.
5, Multi-point safety detection and emergency stop device:improve the operation.
Emergency brake line (valve) is installed around the equipment. In case of an emergency, it is not necessary to go to the control cabinet. It can take emergency braking measures in any position around the belt machine, which is safer and more reliable.
6, Adjustment of belt: pneumatic regulated, ensures the stability of the machine
7, Tandem type safety sense and emergency stop device,more safe for your operation.

Application of sludge filter press machine:
Sludge filter press machine is widely used in chemical, coal, paper making, food staff, urban sewage industry and other industries.

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