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Automatic plate shifting chamber filter press machine

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Automatic plate shifting chamber filter press machine

Specifications: Capacity: 630L-40m³ Materials: Tailings:10%-14%,Coal:17.5%-20%, Wastewater Treatment:35%-50%, Chemical:20%-26%, Please contact us for more other industires. Applications: Chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, light indus

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Product Introduction

Automatic plate shifting chamber filter press is an ideal equipment for solid-liquid separation,it is widely applied to many industries,such as municipal wastewater treatment,metallurgy,leather sludge etc, it has the features of high working efficiency, stable performance, saving labor cost, long use life.
Advantage of automatic plate shifting chamber filter press machine:
1, Big pressing force can avoid leakage effectively.
2, High automatic degree, high working efficiency, automatic functions includes automatic compress the plates, automatic pressure keeping, automatic plate shifting, automatic cake discharging etc.
3, High working efficiency, saving labor time and cost.
4, Automatic plate shifting system can increase the cake discharge efficiency 3-6 times, especially for the filter press that have a large quantity of plates and need frequent operations.
Details of automatic plate shifting chamber filter press machine:

Features of automatic plate shifting chamber filter press machine:
1, It use micro computer processor, PLC and touch screen to control every part’s actions, such as: cylinder, plate shifter, cloth washing etc, and remote control ports are left.
2, Automatic plate shifting system is auxiliary function for cake discharging, after finish filtration, this device can automatically pull plates and cake discharging, it not only improve the efficiency of the filter and reduces the labor intensity, but also can reduce the filter caused by human factors board irregular arrangement.
3, The main material of frame is carbon steel:Q235, beams with rectangular tube seamless welding, special frame deformation, strong and durable.
4, Filter plates is made of pure PP, do not contain other filler. not recycled material, high strength, light weight, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali, non-toxic and tasteless.
5, Various kinds of filter cloth which suit for different kinds of material, improving the filtering accuracy.
6, Special faucet with polypropylene materials, quick opening type die forming, strong and durable, high temperature resistance, strong acid and alkaline.

Application of automatic plate shifting chamber filter press machine:
1, Chemical industry:
Coating, paint, silica, caustic soda, soda ash, alkali, salt mud (aluminum, aluminum polymerization acetylacetonate, gypsum, insurance, phosphor) etc.
2, Food industry:
Vegetable oil, starch sugar, plant sweet, maltose, starch, maize, seaweed, kara glue, oral liquid, beer yeast, rice wine, white wine, fruit juice, beverage, plant protein etc.
3, Sewage treatment
Printing and dyeing wastewater, sewage, smelting, leather, pharmacy sewage water brew, electroplating wastewater, sewage and waste, chemical electrolysis of water environment etc.
4, Pharmacy industry:
Phytic acid, calcium, Chinese traditional medicine, saccharification, growth hormone, organophosphate etc.
6, Metallurgy, coal industry:
Gold, silver, copper, zinc ore mineral powder, etc
7, Other solid liquid separation industries.

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