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Automatic Membrane Filter Press Machine For Wastewater Teratment

Full automatic membrane filter press is programmed by PLC and use man-machine interface, which can realize the remote control, widely applied for different kinds of wastewater treatment.

In past years, sewage treatment usually use by belt filter press, which create high moisture of filter cake and high running costs, after begin use full automatic membrane filter press for sewage treatment, high pressure fluid can be feeded between chamber plate and membrane plate at the end of into the material, and the entire diaphragm will summon the compression filter cake and which to realize the further dehydration of liter cake, can make the filter cake moisture content fall down 30% to below 55% which can realize the wastewater reuse or zero emissions.

The key to remove all kinds of impurities in wastewater is make water to meet the requirements of all kinds of industrial or domestic water quality after purification.
In addition, after enrichment incineration and landfill, etc. Various of pollutants in the wastewater change to be harmless to the environment or in the form of less pollution, which can greatly alleviate the destruction of ecological environment.
Shuangfa high pressure membrane filter press adopts international advance TPE membrane technology, ensure stable performance and long service-life, widely used for various industries.
It can use water or air for 2nd squeezing, pressure can reach 0.8 to 2.0 MP.
We can also customize the automatic collection of liquid foundation auxiliary unloading mechanism as customer’s need.
It has same advantages such as fast filtering speed a high degree of automation convenient operation and so on, which improve the work efficiency, saving labor and cost of capital to a great degree.

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