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The filter plate running slowly in filter press machine

The filter press has the advantages of good soild-liquid separation effect, wide adaptability, especially for the separation of viscous materials. 
Filter plate is an important part of the filter press, it is often encountered in the work of damage, slow and so on. 
The filter plate problems would affect the normal operation of filter press, so, the maintenance of the filter plate is very important. 

The problem of filter plate running slowly can also enable us to better maintain the normal work of the filter plate, then how to solve this problem about the slow running of plate?

1, Such kind of situation for plate-frame may be because of the guide rod has been smudged by oil stains, excessive stains, so that the frictional force between guide rod and contact parts is too big, the hydraulic pressure of the cylinder has become abnormal. 
We should promptly clean up the grease on the guide rods, stains, and timely coated with the right amount of butter, to ensure that its lubrication. 
We should specially pay attention that it is strictly prohibited to daub dilute oil on the guide rod, because the oil is easy to make the plate and frame filter press bottom very slippery, staff is easily fall down when they are checking the running condition.

2, For the plate and frame filter press whether there is a squeeze or obstruction of the oil circuit, be sure to check in time! 
Because it would particularly affect the plate and frame filter press speed, it can not be ignored at all. Therefore, regular inspection, appropriate stretching and cleaning of the circuit is a very important step, only in this way we can make the oil circuit unblocked.

From the above introduction, we can see that the filter plate movement slowed down is mainly because the parts cleaning is not good, so in the maintenance process of equipment, we should not only to meticulous cleaning parts corners, but also to double check the cleaning effect, so that to avoid any running trouble.

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