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Diatomaceous earth filter machine for wine filtration

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Diatomaceous earth filter machine for wine filtration

Wide application: used in liquor, wine, drinks, soy sauce, starch and vinegar and pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry and so on clear filtration of liquid products.

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Product Introduction

Introduction of diatomaceous earth filter machine:
Diatomaceous earth filter machine is produced by our company  through the digestion and absorption of Germany, Italy, Switzerland and other foreign new filtering technology and manufacturing process, and according to the actual domestic present situation of research and development.
The filter medium can be diatomite, perlite, and activated carbon, the filtered liquid,not only the inner quality is better, and look more conform to the requirements.

Details of diatomaceous earth filter machine:
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Features of diatomaceous earth filter machine:
1, Industrial diatomaceous earth filter machine is made of high-quality stainless steel and food-grade sealing material, tank internal and external surface of automatic mechanical polishing.
2, Horizontal placement and without cardboard filter plate, adopted a cone-shaped structure, it can fully realize their own support;
use high-strength double-sided woven stainless steel wire mesh, smooth surface easy to clean, the overall rigid and reliable, long life.
3, Industrial diatomaceous earth filter machine can be intermittent filtration, and cake will not fall off, conducive to production arrangements.
4, Selecting diaphragm metering pump, simple structure, measurement can be filtered according to the degree of turbidity of the filtrate at any time to adjust the amount of diatomite and other filter aid.
5, Industrial juice wine filter machine is fully equipped, according to the need to move the location, easy to use, safe and reliable, compact, small footprint, easy to maintain.

Application of diatomaceous earth filter machine:
Industrial juice wine filter machine can be used in liquor, wine, drinks, soy sauce, starch and  vinegar and pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry and so  on clear  filtration of liquid products.


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